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How do I report a maintenance issue?

email or call our office at 800-599-2320  For Emergencies only call or text 616-299-4146

What maintenance items are the tenant's responsibility?

Generally speaking, interior maintenance and cleaning outside your storefront including snow and ice removal on the sidewalk is the tenant’s responsibility.  Your lease is the best source when you are not sure. Otherwise, feel free to email your question to or call our office at 800-599-2320  For Emergencies only call or text 616-299-4146 

For vendors recommendations, ask us or consult the Mecosta County Chamber of Commerce Directory


Is there "heavy electrical power" available at Bulldog Square?

Yes, especially in the north part of the building. Heavy power is available and the existing transformer equipment can step down the power to accomodate your needs. Contact with your specific needs and square footage requirements. Consumers Energy is the vendor for electrical power. 


Is there a lot of PARKING at Bulldog Square?

Yes, Bulldog Square has an abundance of parking that creates a great customer experience and ease of access with 3 separate curb cuts and employee parking and delivery truck access in the rear of the building as well.

Can I have my own DUMPSTER?

Yes, tenants that need a dumpster can have their own or partner with another tenant or take their trash with them offsite. Bulldog Square does not provide any common dumpsters.

What is the FIRE RATING at Bulldog Square?

Bulldog Square is served by the Big Rapids Township Fire Department that is located immediately across Northland Drive!  In addition, Bulldog Square is fully fire sprinkled in multiple zones and monitored 24-7. Bulldog Square is classified as a Non-Combustible Building.  NFPA & ISO shows the fire rating of Bulldog Square to be Protection Class 5 on a scale of 1 -10  as of 02/10/2022.  Please confirm this with your insurance carrier. This high rating should result in your business receiving their best rates and coverages.

Are there OVERHEAD DOORS at Bulldog Square?

Yes, the north section has overhead doors that are used by multiple tenants. Some suites have exclusive use overhead doors.  New doors have been added and could be added to meet a tenants needs. Contact us to discuss your needs. Bulldog Square was designed to be flexible to adapt to business’s needs to fuel their success!


Yes, the Mecosta County Chamber of Commerce is an award winning chamber. Most of our tenants are members and many are award winners. The Chamber has many resources to help businesses increase their sales, network, educate and advocate. New members will be promoted with an ambassador visit or ribbon cutting. Be sure to sign up to host a “Rise and Shine” or “Business after hours” event at your location in Bulldog Square. They fill months ahead. Contact the Chamber at 231-796-7649 or 

Postal Box on site

Mailboxes on site for each tenant located under the sidewalk awning next to the  Bulldog Square information display case.


What internet, phone, cable, fiber optic choices are at Bulldog Square?

We have the most choices in the area!! Tenants are already using either:

Spectrum Charter and/or AT&T

Both services are in the building and ready to be installed to your suite!  They have a FULL RANGE of options all the way up to Fiber Optics. So whether you need connectivity for internet, phones, security, video, etc., Bulldog Square has the best and most choices in town ready to be wired into your suite.

How strong is the cellular phone strength at Bulldog Square?

Verizon cell strength is excellent at Bulldog Square.  While we have never heard any complaints about other carriers, we are looking at the strength of other carriers as well and will update this FAQ when we learn more. 

What type of commercial zoning is at Bulldog Square?

A General Commercial zoning is in place at Bulldog Square. Big Rapids Township is the municipality with offices directly across the road at 14212 Northland Drive, Big Rapids, MI 49307

They are pro business and ready to help your business thrive at Bulldog Square. They can be contacted at (231) 796-3603 or on their website.


Is there a local income tax at Bulldog Square?

NO!  There is no local income tax at Bulldog Square, located in Big Rapids Township, with offices directly across the road at 14212 Northland Drive, Big Rapids, MI 49307.  Businesses and individuals in competing properties in the nearby City of Big Rapids do have to pay a city income tax, giving Bulldog Square tenants a lower cost structure. Additionally, the real estate taxes are lower in Big Rapids Township than in the City of Big Rapids, so Bulldog Square tenants have a double cost advantage. 

Big Rapids Township is pro business and ready for to help your business locate at Bulldog Square. They can be contacted at (231) 796-3603.


Are long lease term available?

Yes, many of our tenants have signed and renewed long lease terms at Bulldog Square because they recognize the value proposition and are committed to long time service to their customers and to the community. 

Is there land available to build a building at Bulldog Square?

Yes, we have a couple of opportunities for land or to build a new building for your unique business. Contact Mark Baker directly for a confidential discussion. 616-299-4146 or email 

Rental Application

Click this link to download this fillable Microsoft Word document ( .doc file)

BVC Rental Application



email accounting department
email general questions
Indoor climate controlled storage units now available!

Contact us for availability.

Is there a LOADING DOCK at Bulldog Square?

Yes! There is a loading dock that can be used by tenants and for tenants in the north section, there is direct access into the building from the loading dock. Overhead door access is also available or could be added if necessary.

Zoning Ordinance Copy - Commercial Zoning


Bulldog Square is located in Big Rapids Charter Township.

Check out the State of the Township Address on their home page!

Mecosta County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Come play in Mother Nature’s Playground.

Escaping for an afternoon excursion, weekend get-a-way or even if you are looking to relocate to the area, we have the information and resources to make your stay the best it can be.

Explore over 100 Lakes, the Muskegon River, Award Winning Golf Courses, Endless Trails, Breweries, Wineries, Unique Cuisine not to mention Festivals, Events and the Arts.

Great lodging facilities with amenities such as indoor or outdoor pools, hot tubs, exercise facilities, businesses resources and hot meals.

Everything you need to start Creating Your Own Adventure can be found here at or stop by the new Welcome Center at 127 S. State St., Big Rapids. You can also call us at 1.888.229.4fun


Mecosta County Chamber of Commerce

The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce is located in western Michigan, in the city of Big Rapids. Since 1937, the Chamber has been dedicated to promoting quality of life through the economic, educational, and cultural development of Mecosta County. The Chamber is an advocate for area businesses and provides leadership opportunities and hosts many signature events in the area. What are the benefits of joining the Mecosta County Area Chamber? Read about the membership benefits and sponsorship opportunities, or get started growing your business by joining today!

Business Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce can be contacted at (231) 796-7649 or at

Mecosta County Development Corporation

Our Mission and Strategies

The successor to several previous county-wide economic development organizations, the Mecosta County Development Corporation was formed in 1995 as a private, non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation for the purpose of retaining existing and attracting new business and industry to Mecosta County.

A collaborative effort between Mecosta County, the City of Big Rapids, Ferris State University, Big Rapids Township, Morton Township, Mecosta Township and other local private sector partners, the MCDC’s mission is:

To facilitate and initiate economic development that expands and diversifies the Mecosta County economy, thereby creating job opportunities for area residents.

To that end, the organization has three primary areas of focus:

  • Facilitate communication and cooperation between local organizations, business people, communities, and governmental units.
  • Retain and expand area businesses, bringing together partners capable of meeting their evolving needs.
  • Market Mecosta County by promoting the attributes that make it a great place for business to enhance development opportunities.


Mecosta County Demographic Snapshot

This link is an interesting snapshot of just Mecosta County. Note that it doesn’t tell the story of the Trade Area. The Trade Area for Bulldog Square draws from a large radius that is different from the county boundaries. We have a robust custom report available here on the Bulldog Square website that tells a much more complete picture and identifies gaps in the market for certain types of businesses.

Contact us at to discuss your business model and how it might be able to fill untapped demand by locating at Bulldog Square!

Here is the Mecosta County ONLY demographic snapshot link.

Demographic Report for Bulldog Square

The Trade Area for Bulldog Square draws from a large radius that is different from the county boundaries. We have a robust custom report available here on the Bulldog Square website that tells a much more complete picture and identifies gaps in the market for certain types of businesses. Contact us at to discuss your business model and how it might be able to fill untapped demand by locating at Bulldog Square!

Big Rapids is a all season playground!- check out the Visitors Guide with this link.
Need employees? Michigan Works is across the street! from Bulldog Square!

 Literally across the street from Bulldog Square is Michigan Works! – the official office for the State of Michigan employment office for the West Central Region

Want more links from the Chamber? Here is their link to more links!


Electricity - Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy – Business Services

Open your account, pay your electric bill at this website.

Natural Gas - DTE Energy

DTE energy provides natural gas service at Bulldog Square. There are separate meters for each suite.

DTE Business Services

add website and phone

Internet, phone, cable, security, tv - Spectrum Charter

Spectrum Charter is installed and in use at Bulldog Square. Their equipment in the building is ready to be extended to your suite. To order contact them at: 


Internet, phone, cable, security, tv - AT&T

AT&T equipment is installed and in use by Bulldog Square tenants. Their equipment is ready to have service extended to your suite. Contact AT&T at:




add others

add website and phone


Front suite entry doors are set up on the Landord master key to allow for necessary access by Landlord and by the fire department. These keys can and should be changed as Tenant sees fit while maintaining their master key profile. 

The Bulldog Square locksmith is Ernie Osburn. Contact Ernie in person at the State Street Hardware at 614 North Main Street, Big Rapids or call 231-796-8122 during normal business hours. Email: 

For emergencies only contact Ernie at 231-796-5955. 


Buses! We have more buses than anywhere in Mecosta County!

Yes, it is true!  Why? Multiple bus lines serve Bulldog Square and we are the only stop for Indian Trails bus line. (also known as the Greyhound bus) bus line for the Big Rapids market. Once each day their southbound bus arrives around 2:30pm. Once each day a different north bound bus arrives around 5:30 pm. It stops in the parking lot between the parking areas and Northland Drive. To see exact times, use this link. Tickets are currently available online at the Indian Trails Website. 

We also have service from:

Ferris State University operates two kinds of buses; local and between its campuses. ShuttleBus ferries student between the main Big Rapids campus and their Grand Rapids based campus buildings. The Ferris Campus Shuttle -DART is their local shuttle.

The Shuttle Bus that goes to Grand Rapids stops on campus about 1/2 mile north of Bulldog Square.  The Big Rapids stops are at Bond Circle near the Michigan College of Optometry and just south of the intersection of Cedar and Michigan streets on the west side of the Science Building.  See more information on Ferris State Universities website

The local Ferris Campus Shuttle – DART is a free service run by DART (Dial-A-Ride Transportation). Ferris State University partners with Big Rapids Dial-A-Ride Transportation (DART) to provide free shuttle services on the campus routes available to anyone.

DART Dial-A-Ride Transporation service area includes all of Bulldog Square!

Dial-A-Ride (DART) gets you around Big Rapids with a modern lineup of public transit services and customer facilities tailored to make your trip fast, comfortable and economical. Since March 29th of 1975, Big Rapids Dial-A-Ride has provided “curb to curb” public transportation in and near the City of Big Rapids. The cost is very reasonable. 

US Postal Service daily delivery

The Postal Delivery person delivers each regular delivery day to each Bulldog Square business to our new multi tenant MAILBOX. Each tenant has their own box.

The local post office is located at

826 Division Street, Big Rapids MI 49307



Big Rapids is "Pure Michigan" Listen to PM spokesman Tim the Toolman Taylor talk about Big Rapids!

by Pure Michigan narrative by Tim Allen